offshore & u.s. incorporation package

WORLDWIDE™ Package provides you the highest standard of privacy and anonymity. The owners / directors of the company are confidential and will not show in public records. 

Offshore Company (the Owner & Directors are Confidential) + US Company (the offshore company will be the owner of the US Company) + 2 Bank Account (for the offshore company + for the US Company) + US Business Address / Mail Forwarding + Virtual Office and a dedicated CPA (Certified Public Accountant) to consult you on all tax & accounting issues. 



Our Unique solution allows you to establish the ultimate business presence with a Complete Online Business Bank Account Account, Virtual Office, Merchant Account (Credit Card processing) and Dedicated International Tax / Accounting Consultant.
WORLDWIDE™ Package provides the ultimate business structure to operate globally both in the US and International Markets. The business structure includes an Offshore Company  (with great advantages of anonymity, flexibility, zero tax , minimum annual reporting and assets protection) and a US Company with an International Prestige.
For each company you will have an Offshore Corporate Account with complete online banking solution and multi currency checks, debit card, incoming and outgoing wire transfers.  You will also have a Merchant account which will allow you to enable your customers pay online using their credit or debit cards






Our WORLDWIDE Package is the most advanced offshore solution worldwide currently available. The package provides various benefits and advantages no other offshore solution has. The setup of an offshore company with a US LLC provides the ultimate business presence worldwide with the many features of the offshore international business company (IBC).
If you are looking for the most credible business solution with the benefits of an offshore company can offer, if you are looking to introduce your business to the world, our WORLDWIDE Package is the solution for you.

  • Maximize your US & Global Business Potential - Having a US LLC allows you to expand your business to the largest market in the world (the US Market) as well as any other international market. International Business Company (IBC) will have many business advantages such as: privacy, tax planning, assets  protection, flexibility and offshore banking options. You may enjoy the benefits of a US LLC with the advantages of an Offshore Company.


  • Highest standard of privacy and anonymity -  The details of the owners / directors of the company are confidential and will not be in any public records.  As part of the Incorporation Process We provide a Nominee Incorporator for the US Company. Therefore, on the public records of the US Company the owners & directors information will be confidential.


  • Tax Planning Strategy an offshore company can form part of an overall taxation reduction strategy for certain individuals or entities.  Combined with an offshore bank account or trust for example, an offshore company can save an individual tax…or when such an offshore corporation is set up in a low or no tax nation, it can be used to enable a business to realize profits in as tax efficient way as possible.

  • Easier way to run your operation – many offshore jurisdictions make it very easy for companies incorporated in their territory to trade if they do not transact locally and they are not involved in banking or financial services for example.  For straightforward business types, an offshore company can be far easier to manage than an onshore one. Such businesses may be: Investment Holding, Trading, Property Investment, Financing, Patent, Royalty and Copyright Holding, Entertainment, Consultancy and Professional Services, Ship Management and Yacht Owning, International e-commerce Operations and technology companies.


  • Asset protection – where an offshore company is established as part of an overall strategy for wealth preservation, it is the perfect entity for enabling individuals to achieve asset protection offshore.  Assets can be owned by the company rather than directly by an individual, and the company can be placed in trust for example.

  • Higher level of anonymity – a number of overseas locations offer the option of having nominee directors for the establishment of a company and others also manage to keep the names of directors and shareholders off public record.  This means that those who transact through such a company can keep their affairs private.


  • Offshore Banking - Open an Offshore Business Bank Account to enable you manage your income, cash flow and portfolio. Complete Online Account Package allow you to manage your financial transactions from anywhere in the world. Multi Currency Bank Account, checks, incoming & outgoing wire transfers, mail in deposits, secured debit card and investment options.


  • Multi Currency Merchant Account - Have the capacity to process credit & debit cards online. Your business can achieve a dramatic increase in sales by allowing your customers pay online using their credit or debit cards. You will be able to sell your products / services in almost every available currency and get credited to your bank account in the currency of your choice.

  • 24/7/365 Unlimited, Free, Individual Consulting with CPAs, Tax Advisors and Incorporation Experts 

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