Our U.S. Company Formation Packages include all you need to register and setup your U.S. Company. We will assign you a U.S. CPA to advice you on the state of incorporation, entity type, ownership structure and tax planning, engage your Register Agent, Assign your company a U.S. Virtual Office and Address, register your Company with the relevant government and state agencies, obtain your EIN (Tax ID Number) with the IRS, Forward your Incorporation Certificates and issue related  Corporate Documents to enable you start utilizing your U.S. Company upon completion of the formation process.



Pre-Incorporation Consulting Session with a CPA:



Our U.S. Incorporation Packages include a consulting session with a Certified Public Accountant to assist you decide on few important issues related to your U.S. Company. During the session, with the professional assistance of our Incorporation Specialist / Tax Advisor you will be able to reach decisions on major issues related to your Incorporation Process:

  • Choosing entity type: What type of entity will fit your business needs
  • Choosing State of Incorporation: Where to Incorporate your US Entity
  • Ownership: Who will be the shareholders (Foreign Individuals or Foreign Companies)
  • Tax Planning: How to minimize your US Tax Liability
  • Compliance: What will be your Filling & Compliance Requirements in the US


Name Check:
This process insures the accessibility of your company's name when we form your corporation or LLC.  Before submitting an order form we ask for two company names.  Within 24 hours of submitting your order form, we check the availability of the names you submitted to us.  If one or both of the names are unavailable one of our representatives will contact you for additional names.

Drafting and Filing of the Required Documents:
This process presents your corporation to the state you wish to incorporate in.  After drafting and filing your articles of incorporation or organization, we inform you of the states decision regarding the formation of your business.  State documents that certify the formation of your corporation are normally mailed to you 4 to 6 weeks after submitting your order.

 LLC / Corporation Agreements and Certificates:

  • Articles of Organization / Incorporation
  • State Certified Articles
  • EIN Confirmation Letter (TAX ID NUMBER)
  • LLC Operating Agreement / Bylaws
  • Members Interest / Shareholders Certificates

Corporate Kit

  • 20 Customized LLC Kit Interest or LLC Kit Unit Certificates printed on high quality paper 24 lb thickness with watermark
  • Membership Ledger * LLC Kit Custom Minute Book Binder
  • Matching Slipcase to give a clean dust free look to your LLC kit (if applicable)
  • Plain Minute Paper/Printed Operating Agreement 
  • 1 5/8” Limited Liability Kit Embossing Seal, Our seals are guaranteed for life (except Folio Basic)
  • Our New and Improved LLC Kit Membership/Certificate Register a more organized way for listing your members & certificate holders. 
  • Five Position Limited Liability Kit Tabs: Minutes, Articles, Operating Agreement, Certificates, Membership Listing
  • Special Limited Liability Kit Operating Agreement Pre-Printed or on Disk available at Discounted Rate
  • Restriction clause can be added to the front or back of the certificates, Additional cost may apply


Complete Federal Tax ID Service - EIN in 24Hours
This service completes the process of preparing and filing the required documents with the Internal Revenue Service.  The end of the this process is marked by a federal identification number assigned to your corporation.  This number allows your corporation to function freely in the legal/financial systems of the United States and other countries.
Note: We obtain Tax ID Number (EIN) fro our International Clients in 24 hours. Many websites advertise EIN service which includes only preparation of the SS4 form, then you need to contact the Internal Revenue Service to obtain the EIN number and confirmation letter. This process can take up to 4 weeks.

Registered Agent for 1 Year
All states require corporations and LLC's to maintain a registered agent in the state they are created.  The registered agent is responsible for receiving important documents on behalf of the corporation or LLC.

Payment of State Filing Fees
As part of each incorporation service, we pay the state filing fees for incorporating your business on your behalf.  This ensures that the State documents and fees are processed together.


Time Frame

  • Registration of your Corporation or LLC with the State* – 24 Hours
  • Apply for EIN – 24 Hours
  • Receive from the IRS your EIN Confirmation letter – 24 hours
  • Forward you Formation / Incorporation Documents (LLC Agreement / Bylaws, Stock / member Certificate, Stock / Membership Register Log – 24 Hours.

* In States that allow 24 hours service.
* Business days (Monday - Thursday, Public Holidays are not included)

EIN (Tax ID Number) U.S. Virtual Office